Commit 92fc6979 authored by Pascal Meunier's avatar Pascal Meunier

show session ID in prompt

parent 2f1809d5
......@@ -2175,7 +2175,7 @@ class ContainerDocker(Container):
args += ['-e', 'etcshadow=' + user + ':!:17052:0:99999:7:::\n']
# set hostname displayed at prompt inside container
if 'DOCKER_HOSTNAME' in self.k:
args += ['-h', self.k['DOCKER_HOSTNAME'] + "%d" % self.veid]
args += ['-h', self.k['DOCKER_HOSTNAME'] + "_%s:%d" % (session_id, self.veid)]
args += ['-h', "docker%d" % self.veid]
if 'apps' in account.groups():
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